e30-00 Miniature Animal (1 piece for price shown)


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Hand blown glass miniature animal and palm tree are shown in this photo. The miniatures are less than 1/4" in size. You may leave a note in the "Notes" section of the order if you would like to CHOOSE WHICH ANIMAL YOU WOULD LIKE. Some styles may be out of stock or discontinued. We will substitute a similar style/animal if your choice is not available.

Over 400 diffferent styles available. Each Animal is $3.75. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE ONE MINIATURE ANIMAL FOR $3.75. Animals range from alligators, bears, birds, crabs, cats, dogs, dolphins, elephants, dolphins, frogs, giraffes, hedgehogs, horses, whales, seals, penguins, starfish, butterflies, deers, turtles, scorpions, iguanas, kangaroos, lions, monkeys, octopus, owls, pegasus, pigs, rabbits, snakes, swans, tigers, unicorns, and zebras just to name a few. Miniature gift boxes are free. Miniature palm tree can be purchased separately for $9.50 each. Miniature bird in the cage is $11.75.

Be aware that the items pictured may not be the same as what you receive. My daughter picked out four animals and two of them were completely different than what is shown. The siamese cat that was sent is black and white, not brown like what if pictured. The deer she wanted is standing up and they sent one is laying down. They did let me know that the green dinosaur was out of stock and wanted to send a brown dinosaur. She changed her mind and picked a different animal, which is fine. Since they communicated about the dinosaur, I am not sure why they couldn't let us know about the other two animals. It was more than a little disappointing to not receive the same item that is pictured. No where in their description is it noted that items may vary. Will not be ordering from them again.

The order was shipped promptly, and was securely packaged. The customer service was good, too: I asked in advance about a couple of animals (dragons), and received useful information. Also, whoever filled my order tried to accommodate the requests I made in the comment section. (If you have time, though, and are particular, send a message in advance so that all options can be communicated.) I attached to this review a photo of the ones that I ordered: The dragons are in the front, the middle row has a pig, a cat, and a bird that I specified from the photo in the listing, and in the back are a bird (I think), an octopus (with six legs) and a swan to match a description I had given. At only half an inch tall, the pig is the shortest, and it may be my favorite of the group. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase. :)

The miniatures I ordered are exquisite!

The arrived very well packaged. I bought 6 of them and absolutely love them all.

Very darling! My grandkids want more of them! Great transaction!

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