e30-00 Miniature Animal (1 piece for price shown)


Hand blown glass miniature animal and palm tree are shown in this photo. The miniatures are less than 1/4" in size. Over 400 diffferent styles available. Each Animal is $3.50. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE ONE MINIATURE ANIMAL FOR $3.50. Animals range from alligators, bears, birds, crabs, cats, dogs, dolphins, elephants, dolphins, frogs, giraffes, hedgehogs, horses, whales, seals, penguins, starfish, butterflies, deers, turtles, scorpions, iguanas, kangaroos, lions, monkeys, octopus, owls, pegasus, pigs, rabbits, snakes, swans, tigers, unicorns, and zebras just to name a few. Miniature gift boxes are free. Miniature palm tree can be purchased separately for $7.50 each. Miniature bird in the cage is $10.50.

Prompt shipping and just what I wanted! I've ordered twice now and will again.

Beautiful! absolutely beautiful! thank you so much!

The figurines were a variety of animals but pretty much all the same door. Based on photo I expected both a variety of figurines and a more colorful variety. I don’t want an refund but wa hoping to order more and receive a more colorful variety. If that’s possible please get back to me. But I must say I am in awe of your work just expected more colors and some figurines were the same. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks ita marshall

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